Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus Biography

For almost 20 years Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus has been a leader in lowering taxes for Michigan families, improving our schools and providing better educational opportunities for our children, and making Michigan a better place to start a business and create jobs. His efforts to reform welfare have improved the lives of thousands, and he has worked tirelessly to strengthen our families and make our environment cleaner for future generations.

Dick's values of hard work, faith, family and service were shaped growing up on his family's farm in Southeastern Kent County, where still today, he and his wife, Pam, raise three daughters and a son. In 1982, Dick answered the call of public service, and, in a come from behind upset campaign, was elected to the State Senate. He has won every election since.

Dick's ability to bring people together and take on the tough issues earned him the respect of his colleagues and the trust of his constituents. He became Michigan's longest serving Senate Majority Leader in history, and was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 1998.

His 18 year career in politics has been marked by success after success.

He sponsored the historic Proposal A that slashed property taxes for homeowners and improved funding for our schools. His steady leadership also helped pass 31 more tax cuts -- tax cuts that put more money back into the pockets of taxpayers and brought more jobs to Michigan than at any other time in our history.

His commitment to our public schools can be seen in his frequent visits to classrooms throughout the state distributing refurbished computers to provide students more access to technology or encouraging our children to enjoy the wonder and importance of reading in their daily lives.

His initiatives to improve access to college and technical training for high school graduates are providing them more opportunities to afford a college education and get better paying jobs when they enter the work place.

Because of the efforts of Lt. Governor Posthumus, today thousands of Michigan families are enrolling in the Michigan Education Savings Program making it possible for their children to attend college or a technical school, and an innovative scholarship program created by the Lt. Governor is helping more low-income students get the money they need to earn a valuable associate degree anywhere in Michigan.

As a farmer, Dick Posthumus knows a clean and healthy environment is vital to our livelihoods. That's why as a private citizen he supported the original bottle bill that has cleaned up our roadways and parks. It's why he opposes any diversion of water from the Great Lakes, and why he believes Michigan's number one environmental challenge in the decade ahead is the protection of our water supply through the rebuilding of the state's sewer infrastructure.

And as a husband and father, Dick Posthumus has taken a leadership role in identifying ways to end the tragic abuse of women and children in Michigan today. In the winter and spring of 2001, Lt. Governor Posthumus chaired a task force committed to finding ways to eliminate all homicides resulting from acts of domestic violence. The findings and recommendations of the Michigan Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Task Force make-up the next generation of laws and safeguards to keep the more vulnerable in our society safe from harm and abuse. As a result of this and a lifetime commitment to children, the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County recently awarded the Lt. Governor with its President's Award.

Every day his vision, courage, and quiet, inclusive leadership is making a difference for Michigan.

Whether it's been in improving education or protecting the environment, reducing taxes or reforming welfare, creating jobs or strengthening our families, few leaders in Michigan history have done more to improve the lives of our citizens than Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus.