Governor Granholm Highlights Progress of Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan

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Gov. Granholm during the taping

December 16, 2005

LANSING – In her weekly radio address, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today outlined the progress being made in implementing her Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow plan that will put people to work and diversify Michigan’s economy.
“I signed the Jobs for Michigan Fund into law in November, and now in December, we are turning the ignition on this new economic engine,” Granholm said.  “We intend that the Jobs Fund will give companies the financial boost to create exciting new products that will lead to thousands of jobs in Michigan, jobs for all kinds of workers wearing everything from blue collars to lab coats to white collars and suit coats.”
Earlier this week Granholm announced the appointments to the Strategic Economic Investment and Commercialization Board (SEIC) which will oversee the distribution of Jobs Fund grants and resources to entrepreneurs in Michigan.  With the SEIC in place, the Jobs Fund will issue a request for proposals in January.  By the end of spring, the first round of the 21st Century Jobs grants will be in the hands of Michigan innovators.
Last month, Granholm signed legislation establishing the 21st Century Jobs for Michigan Fund, which will be used to invest $2 billion in public and private money to diversify Michigan’s economy and help start-up companies and entrepreneurs succeed. 
Focusing on jobs today, as well as those in the future, Granholm plans to sign almost $600 million in tax cuts that will help manufacturers keep jobs in Michigan and invest here for the future.  One of the bills she will sign gives businesses, such as Delphi, Ford, and GM, zero taxes on their personal property if they decide to consolidate in Michigan in the next two years.
“These cuts will help make businesses more competitive in this global economy, which will help them stay here in Michigan, invest here in Michigan, and most importantly, provide jobs here in Michigan today and in the future,” Granholm said.
The Governor’s weekly radio address is released each Friday at 10:00 a.m. and may be heard on broadcast stations across that state through an affiliation with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  The address will also be available on the Governor’s Website on Mondays as a podcast for general distribution to personal MP3 players and home computers.

Broadcasters Note: Governor Granholm’s radio address can be accessed through Sunday evening exclusively through the Members Only page of the Michigan association of Broadcasters website. 

Publishers Note: The text of today’s address is attached. 

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