Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow

Governor Granholm is focused intently on the strength of our economy just like most of Michigan's businesses and citizens. She has proposed a comprehensive plan - Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow - to grow Michigan's economy, and is urging Michigan's Legislature to work with her to get it done.

The plan (outlined below) is designed to ensure that Michigan can compete and win in our new 21st century economy.

  1. The Michigan Jobs and Investment Act will restructure business taxes in Michigan to encourage job providers to keep jobs here. It will provide a tax cut for 77 percent of business taxpayers, new tax credits for manufacturers and R&D companies, and a 40 percent rate cut for small businesses. 

  2. The Jobs Today Initiative will create thousands of new jobs right now by accelerating $800 million in pollution clean-up and university and road upgrade projects. It will also create new tools that will upgrade schools, downtowns and nursing homes. 

  3. The MI Opportunity Partnership initiative will train out-of-work citizens to step into fields that need workers right now. This worker training initiative will match, train and place as many as 30,000 unemployed citizens in high-demand job vacancies this year. 

  4. The New Merit Scholarship Award will make college accessible to all.  This proposed new award will guarantee every Michigan student the opportunity to attend college. Every child who graduates from high school and completes two years of college, community college or apprenticeship training, will be guaranteed a $4,000 scholarship.

  5. The Jobs for Michigan Fund will invest in creating thousands of jobs for tomorrow. The fund will allow the state to invest $2 billion in bond proceeds over the next 10 years to create thousands of good-paying jobs that can never be outsourced, that will keep our kids in Michigan, and that can diversify our economy - all without raising taxes. Investment decisions will be made by business experts - not bureaucrats - and the fund will be regularly audited.