Gov. Rick Snyder signs bills to help veterans use their skills to find jobs

Veteran bill signing photo

November 13, 2013

Veterans gained job-ready skills that can help state succeed in global economy

LANSING, Mich. – The brave Michiganders serving in our nation’s armed forces come back with specialized training that they should be able to use to get good jobs and build their careers here at home.

A series of bipartisan bills signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday recognizes their skills and eliminates some bureaucratic hurdles that might have delayed veterans in getting jobs in their fields of expertise and supporting their families.

“This is good for our veterans and it is good for Michigan,” Snyder said Wednesday. “Our veterans possess leadership skills and a work ethic that has been tested at an early age and under extreme circumstances. We need to create a clear path for our veterans to use these skills in Michigan’s workforce and help our state’s continued comeback.”

Snyder signed one bill of a five-bill package, all passed unanimously, at the 2013 Governor’s Summit on Veterans Talent in Taylor at the Masco Corporation’s headquarters. The summit was co-hosted by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA), in partnership with the Detroit Regional Chamber. For more information or to watch the summit online, visit

More than 45,000 Michiganders have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an estimated 10,000 more are expected to transition back to the state each year for the next 3 to 5 years. Veterans are returning to a challenging business climate and employers who might not have understood how military training can benefit today’s job-providers.

Michigan’s veteran unemployment rate has dropped from 11.2 percent in 2011 to 7.9 percent today, but Snyder said that’s still too high, and the state needed to do more to connect Michigan’s returning veterans with job opportunities.

House Bill 4605, sponsored by state Rep. Gail Haines, allows veterans to use military experience as a qualifying factor to become an emergency medical technician. It is now Public Act 165 of 2013.

House Bill 4731, sponsored by state Rep. Ray Franz, recognizes the fire fighter training a veteran received while serving in the military and waives the required test to be a fire fighter in the State of Michigan. It is now Public Act 166 of 2013.

House Bill 4752, sponsored by state Rep. Robert Kosowski, allows military experience as the basis for registration for stationary steam engineers and boiler operators. It is now Public Act 167 of 2013.

House Bill 4754, sponsored by state Rep. George Darany, allows certain military experience to serve as the basis for licensing as a mechanical contractor. It is now Public Act 168 of 2013.

House Bill 4756, sponsored by state Rep. Bruce Rendon, allows eligible veterans to substitute military experience for up to 60 hours of education requirements toward a residential builders or residential maintenance and alteration contractor license. It is now Public Act 169 of 2013.

Visit for more information on the bills. For more information or resources available to Michigan veterans,