Gov. Rick Snyder: 2015 budget focuses on education and other key priorities to continue Michigan's comeback

Investing in schools, transportation and public safety improves the quality of life for all residents

Thursday, June 12, 2014

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder offered the following statement on the passing of the fiscal 2015 budget.

“This is a bipartisan budget that focuses on key priorities affecting all Michiganders -- education, transportation, public safety and human services – while maintaining our core principles of fiscal responsibility so our state’s comeback continues now and into the future.

“We know the importance of a solid public education, and have increased the state’s investment in K-12 districts by $1 billion compared to fiscal 2011. This year, we’re adding an additional $65 million in early childhood programs while strengthening our higher education systems by $81.9 million for public universities and $29.8 million for our community colleges.

“We’re also committed to $285 million from the general fund to improve infrastructure and will increase public safety with an additional $46.6 million investment.

“For the fourth straight year, we have completed the budget in June, giving school districts, local governments and other recipients of state funding the information they need to plan their budgets. 

“This budget is again committed to paying our bills, investing wisely, saving for the future and building a better quality of life for all Michiganders. It’s more than just a budget; it’s another chapter in the story of Michigan’s comeback.”