Gov. Rick Snyder: I remain committed toward working together on a transportation solution

We must remain focused on a solution that helps Michigan families and businesses

Thursday, June 12, 2014

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder issued the following statement today after the end of the legislative session.

“I remain committed as ever toward finding solutions to Michigan’s infrastructure repair needs. We’ve taken great strides this year, having serious discussions in our homes, our businesses and in our Capitol. As I’ve said for some time, we need a sustainable, long-term approach toward improving our crumbling roads and bridges. Our challenge moving forward is to arrive -- together -- on a plan that will serve Michigan long into the future.

“Michigan residents have seen the damage to our roads after the difficult winter, and we know the jarring, damaging conditions will only get worse unless we work together on a solution. Michigan needs modern, well-maintained roads. A strong infrastructure is essential for our families and businesses, boosting our economy and improving our quality of life. This work will save lives, save taxpayers money in the long run, save repair costs and create jobs.

“Our crumbling roads and bridges have been a problem for decades. We need to continue working on a solution and agree on a plan to make Michigan better and stronger. It’s what our state’s residents want from us and expect from us.”