Gov. Rick Snyder: Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend

July 2, 2015

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder today wished all Michiganders a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend:

“As we gather with our friends and family to celebrate Independence Day, I hope every Michigander has a safe and enjoyable holiday.  This weekend, we’ll spend time swimming, barbecuing, watching parades, and enjoying everything Pure Michigan has to offer, but let’s also reflect on what this holiday means for the United States of America.

“The Fourth of July is a special day for every American. The holiday marks the birth of our great nation and the rights, principles, and values that we appreciate today.  Throughout our country’s history, America has seen both times of peace and times of conflict.  We’ve had our freedoms threatened, our courage challenged, and our way of life endangered.

 “But our nation is and will forever be resilient, and that’s why today we can celebrate yet another American birthday.

“On behalf of all Michiganders, I’d like to also express our gratitude for the extraordinary service and sacrifices our armed forces and their families have made to protect our freedoms and liberties.  The Fourth of July serves as a reminder of those heroes who have helped make America the exceptional nation it is today, and an opportunity to salute those who continue that dedicated work and service today.

“Together as Michiganders and as Americans, we salute the same flag and celebrate our Independence Day.”