Gov. Rick Snyder: Healthy Michigan Plan continues for 600,000 residents with approval of second waiver

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Approved waiver has enhanced emphasis on healthier behaviors

LANSING, Mich. – The Healthy Michigan Plan will continue for nearly 600,000 residents, now that the state has obtained waiver approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Gov. Rick Snyder said today.

The Healthy Michigan Plan, launched April 1, 2014, extends health care coverage to eligible residents with incomes equal to up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Approval of the second waiver was required by state law before Dec. 31, 2015, for the program to continue.

“The Healthy Michigan Plan has provided Michiganders with the opportunity to improve their health and wellness by enrolling in health care coverage,” Snyder said. “I’m proud of this program, our residents, and Michigan’s continued leadership in health care innovation. I appreciate the work of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and thank it for its partnership and approval of our unique approach to keep Michigan moving forward.”

Starting April 1, 2018, Healthy Michigan Plan participants with incomes between 100 and 133 percent of the federal poverty level must work with their physician on strategies to lose weight, quit smoking or adopt other healthy behaviors. If they choose not to do this, they must obtain health insurance through the federal exchange.

Since its launch, the Healthy Michigan Plan has covered more than 1.7 million primary care visits. Additionally, more than 59,000 beneficiaries have received mammograms and more than 32,000 have had colon cancer screenings. 

“From the beginning, the primary goals of the Healthy Michigan Plan have been to promote healthy behaviors and encourage people to lead healthy, productive lives,” said Nick Lyon, director for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “The approved waiver goes a long way in helping us achieve those goals, and we are going to continue doing our part to ensure residents understand their benefits and how best to use them.”

Snyder signed the plan into law September 2013 to improve the health of residents, emphasize personal responsibility, and reduce the cost of uncompensated care in the state. The plan provides Essential Health Benefits for nearly 600,000 residents.

For more information about the Healthy Michigan Plan or to enroll, visit, a local MDHHS office, or call (855) 789-5610.