Gov. Rick Snyder releases departmental emails produced regarding Flint water crisis

Friday, Feb. 12, 2016

LANSING, Mich - Gov. Rick Snyder’s office today posted emails and corresponding documents that have been made available to requesting entities from state departments regarding the Flint water crisis. The documentation represents requests fulfilled to date by the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Treasury, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding Flint water.

"All levels of government failed the people of Flint,” Snyder said. “This crisis should never have happened, but we are making progress each day to meet the needs of residents.

“By making the information easily accessible, everyone can review it and take what they need, and then we can all focus and work together on solutions, healing and moving Flint forward."

NOTE: All emails and attachments can be accessed using the below links. Documents are large and will take time to download. Viewing on a mobile device is not recommended.


  • The release of these documents is not a waiver of any legal privilege. Because of the voluminous nature of these records, some documents that are subject to the attorney-client, attorney work product, and other privileges may have been inadvertently disclosed.  Should this posting include such documents, their disclosure here does not constitute a waiver of the privilege.
  • Those seeking information as part of a legal proceeding or investigation should not rely solely upon the documents posted here to satisfy their request. Such requests should be directed to the appropriate state custodian.
  • The posting of these documents does not, is not intended to, and cannot be relied upon to, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, that is enforceable by any external party.

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