Gov. Rick Snyder begins releasing Executive Office emails related to Flint water crisis

Feb. 26, 2016

LANSING, Mich. - Gov. Rick Snyder’s office today started making public Executive Office emails, accompanying documents and related materials from Snyder’s briefings regarding the Flint water crisis from 2011 through Jan. 5, 2016, when the state declared an emergency in the city.

“Michigan residents have a right to get answers to any questions they still have. With the release of these emails, anyone will have access to this information,” Snyder said. “This crisis is the result of failures at all levels of government - city, state and federal. We need to look at what happened at all levels, but as the one ultimately responsible for what happens in state government, I am taking steps to help correct what happened there. I will continue to take steps that will help make things right and support Flint along its road to recovery.” 

The release of these emails is in addition to the January 20 release of Snyder’s Flint-related emails.

All emails and accompanying Flint water related documents that had been made available to requesting entities from the Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Treasury, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development were also posted publicly on Feb. 12.  Periodic additions will be made.

All materials being released will be available today at The latest release of emails and documents will occur in stages based on the technology restrictions of posting such large files. The first two batches of emails and documents are available now (links below).

NOTE: Documents are large and will take time to download. Viewing on a mobile device is not recommended.



The release of these documents is not a waiver of any legal privilege. Because of the voluminous nature of these records, some documents that are subject to the attorney-client, attorney work product, and other privileges may have been inadvertently disclosed. Should this posting include such documents, their disclosure here does not constitute a waiver of the privilege.

Those seeking information as part of a legal proceeding or investigation should not rely solely upon the documents posted here to satisfy their request. Such requests should be directed to the appropriate state custodian.

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