Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation expanding eligible individuals to provide victim impact statements

Also signs seven additional measures

Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

LANSING, Mich. – Crime victims have more options for reading their victim impact statement in court, under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Ensuring victims have the opportunity to address the court is a vital piece to our criminal justice system,” Snyder said. “This bill will ensure that opportunity, even when a victim is unable or has difficulty doing so.”

House Bill 5798, sponsored by state Rep. Thomas Albert, amends the Crime Victim Rights Act to permit individuals, other than the victim, to provide victim impact statements on behalf of the victim in certain circumstances. The bill is now Public Act 370 of 2018.

Snyder also signed seven additional measures:

HB 5539, sponsored by state Rep. Kim LaSata, amends the Student Safety Act to specifically include sexual abuse, assault, or rape among the potential harm or criminal acts which the public can submit reports and information through the OK2SAY program. The bill is now PA 371 of 2018.

HB 5658, sponsored by state Rep. Laura Cox, establishes that in prosecutions for domestic violence or sexual assault, evidence of a sexual assault by the defendant within the past 10 years is admissible under specified conditions. The bill is now PA 372 of 2018.

HB 5660-5661, sponsored by state Reps. Leslie Love and Diana Farrington, respectively, increases the penalty for the crime of “aggravated possession of child sexually abusive material” to 10 years in prison and 25 years for distributors of such material. The bills are now PAs 373 and 374 of 2018.

HB 5794, sponsored by state Rep. Brandt Iden, requires a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years for certain second or subsequent offenses involving a sexual offense against a child. The bill is now PA 375 of 2018.

HB 5697, sponsored state Rep. Chris Afendoulis, extends the sunset on a program allowing community colleges to provide job training subsidies for particular employers for another five years. The bill is now PA 376 of 2018.

HB 5749, sponsored by state Rep. Michael Webber, amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to exempt truck “platoon” operations from a requirement that trucks leave sufficient space between themselves and other trucks for other vehicles to pass. The bill is now PA 377 of 2018.

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