January 2012: Michigan Mentoring Month

WHEREAS, National Mentoring Month was created in 2002 by the Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership; and,


WHEREAS, mentoring provides meaningful opportunities for citizens to build relationships and teach core values to our nation's future leaders; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan's mentors help ensure that our youth realize their personal value and potential, and they instill in them the hope for a brighter future; and,


WHEREAS, during this month, we join with the Michigan Community Service Commission to celebrate the everyday, ordinary people who serve as mentors and continue to make a difference in the lives of Michigan's children; we raise awareness of the importance of mentoring in Michigan and encourage citizens throughout the state to consider becoming a mentor;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim January 2012 as Michigan Mentoring Month.