February 2018: Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Turner Syndrome (TS) is a non-inheritable chromosomal disorder that affects one in 2,500 live female births; and,

WHEREAS, earlier diagnosis will help these girls and women get a complete evaluation by the doctors necessary to treat and prevent further complications; and,

WHEREAS, early diagnosis facilitates prevention or remediation of growth failure, hearing problems and learning difficulties; and,

WHEREAS, individuals with TS have an increased risk of non-verbal learning disorders (NLD) and in school and work, these impairments can cause problems in math, visual spatial skills, executive function skills and job retention; and,

WHEREAS, with the help of medical specialists and a good social support system, a woman with TS can live a happy, healthy life; and,

WHEREAS, the establishment of TS Awareness Month will also provide the opportunity to share experience and information with the public and the media, in order to raise public awareness about Turner Syndrome;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan do hereby proclaim February 2018 as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month in Michigan.