September 2018: Pain Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Michiganders of all ages feel the impact of chronic pain and it is a major reason for seeking medical care; and,

WHEREAS, the Institute of Medicine estimated that 100 million Americans live with chronic pain; and,

WHEREAS, as many as 20% of children in the United States have chronic pain, which is pain that is persistent or recurring frequently for more than three months; and,

WHEREAS, chronic pain costs the nation an estimated 560 to 630 billion dollars annually in medical expenses, lost wages and lost productivity; and,

WHEREAS, pain negatively impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life including the ability to work, sleep and engage in social activities, as well as adversely impacts the families and caregivers of pain sufferers; and,

WHEREAS, the U.S. Pain Foundation’s mission is to inform, empower and advocate on behalf of the over 80,000 members throughout the country and all those who live with chronic pain; and,

WHEREAS, the U.S. Pain Foundation provides education on pain management skills and constructive ways to cope with pain and find fulfillment in life; and,

WHEREAS, increased awareness about the effects of chronic pain help result in increased access to quality pain care and empowerment for those living with pain;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 2018 as Pain Awareness Month in Michigan.