October 5-7, 2018: Buy Nearby Michigan Weekend

WHEREAS, Buy Nearby is an ongoing, year-round campaign launched by the Michigan Retailers Association to benefit Michigan communities and their retail businesses; and,

WHEREAS, the campaign, now in its sixth year, encourages Michiganders to buy from retail businesses where they live, work or visit in Michigan so more shopping dollars stay in our local communities and state economy; and,

WHEREAS, Buy Nearby strives to instill a "Pure Michigan" feeling to the shopping experience and send the message to “Keep your money in the Mitten”; and,

WHEREAS, retailing is responsible for 877,000 jobs in Michigan, a number that could rise through increased local purchases; and,

WHEREAS, if Michigan shoppers switched just one in ten of their out-of-state purchases to a Michigan retailer, it would create an additional $1.2 billion in economic activity and nearly 10,600 new jobs amounting to $350 million in additional wages; and,

WHEREAS, each purchase made at a Michigan store keeps more money within Michigan communities, improving the vitality of Michigan's local economies and the quality of life, and directly supports our communities, our schools, and our infrastructure; and,

WHEREAS, the year-round Buy Nearby campaign has designated October 5-7, 2018 as Buy Nearby Weekend, a three-day observance for all to celebrate local communities and their retail businesses; and,

WHEREAS, communities and retailers are encouraged to offer special events and other promotions to encourage local shopping and stimulate Michigan's economy on Buy Nearby Weekend; and,

WHEREAS, residents are encouraged to shop with family and friends and support their communities and local retailers by posting photos and comments on social media; and,

WHEREAS, Buy Nearby weekend will demonstrate that buying nearby can be fun and rewarding;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 5-7, 2018 as Buy Nearby Michigan Weekend in Michigan.