November 12-18, 2018: Apprenticeship Week

WHEREAS, Registered Apprenticeship is a flexible, work-based training model that allows workers to earn a salary while they learn the skills employers demand in a variety of occupations and meets national standards for registration with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL); and,

WHEREAS, employers are increasingly turning to Registered Apprenticeship as a workforce solution to help workers acquire 21st century postsecondary education credentials. Michigan is one of the leading states across the U.S. with over a 10% increase in registered apprentices over the previous year, having more than 1,000 registered apprenticeship programs, and over 18,000 active apprentices; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan launched Experience Sooner to grow awareness among students and those who influence them on the increasingly important role apprenticeships play in meeting the state’s current and future workforce needs while connecting all Michiganders with great-paying, high-demand careers; and,

WHEREAS, Apprenticeships provide viable solutions to address Michigan’s workforce gap of more than 811,000 openings through 2024 in several high-demand, high-wage careers – aligning with the Marshall Plan for Talent, a $100 million investment to help educators, employers and other stakeholders transform the state’s talent pipeline and strategically redesign the ways to invest, develop and attract talent; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Talent Investment Agency (TIA) champions efforts designed to provide a proven system of public-private partners to support and operate successful registered apprenticeship programs including the USDOL State Expansion Grants; the Going PRO Apprenticeship Readiness Initiative, the Going PRO Talent Fund (Talent Fund); and the Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT2) program; and,

WHEREAS, the USDOL awarded to Michigan, the State Expansion Grant, including approximately $4 million in funding to expand Registered Apprenticeship by over 1,700 new apprentices, and 20 new programs, through October 31, 2020.  This effort has resulted in the registration of almost 900 new apprentices to date; and,

WHEREAS, TIA provided over $1.8 million in grants to expand and diversify the state’s apprenticeship talent pool through the Going PRO Apprenticeship Readiness Initiative launched in January 2018.  Through this initiative, nearly 400 Michigan job seekers are receiving apprenticeship readiness training to prepare them to enter, and succeed in, Registered Apprenticeship programs; and,

WHEREAS, TIA, in partnership with the Michigan Works! Association and the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship, have established the Apprenticeship Learning Network (ALN) training modules, a multi-part training network garnering over 300 attendees in the first four modules; and,

WHEREAS, in January 2017, TIA implemented the Apprenticeship Success Coordinator (ASC) function at each of the 16 Michigan Works! Agencies.  ASCs assist employers with local projects to effectively launch, register, conduct, report on, and ensure successful completion of new Registered Apprenticeships, which has resulted in almost 1,000 new apprentices to date; and,

WHEREAS, the Talent Fund program provides funding for businesses toward the training and establishment of new USDOL Registered Apprenticeships, and funded over 1,100 new apprentices in fiscal year 2018; and,

WHEREAS, the MAT2 program recognized 38 graduates in 2018 for successful program completion in mechatronics, computer numerical control (CNC), and information technology (IT).  The program currently has 51 participating employers; 111 graduates, and 119 students; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Works! System, in partnership with the USDOL, assists employers across industry sectors with establishing new non-traditional Registered Apprenticeship programs and expanding existing programs and helps job seekers connect to these career opportunities to create a diverse pipeline of skilled workers to meet industry’s talent needs;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim November 12-18, 2018 as Apprenticeship Week in Michigan.