March 15-May 31 & August 15-October 31, 2012: Safe Passage Great Lakes Days

WHEREAS, more than 250 species, including warblers, thrushes and tanagers, fly over Michigan during spring and fall migration periods; and,


WHEREAS, the lights of tall buildings often confuse the navigation systems of birds flying nearby, causing birds to repeatedly circle or run into the building; studies show that some of these species are steeply declining in numbers as a result of death caused by exhaustion or collision with buildings; and,


WHEREAS, since 2006, the Detroit Audubon Society and other groups have initiated "Project Safe Passage Great Lakes," which asks businesses, organizations, property owners and government agencies to help save the lives of migratory birds and reduce the use of unneeded electricity throughout the state by turning off their lights from 11:00 p.m. to dawn; and,


WHEREAS, during Safe Passage Great Lakes Days, we join with the Detroit Audubon Society, the Michigan Audubon and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to encourage participation in order to help create a safer environment for the millions of birds that fly over our state during migration; 


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim March 15 through May 31 and August 15 through October 31, 2012 as Safe Passage Great Lakes Days in Michigan.