November 20, 2014: Rural Health Day

WHEREAS, nearly 62 million citizens throughout the United States live in a rural community and in Michigan, 76 counties have residents that call these small towns, farming communities, and frontier areas home; and,

WHEREAS, rural communities have diverse and unique health care needs and it is of utmost importance to ensure access to quality health care services, including rural hospitals and community-based centers of primary care; and,

WHEREAS, various organizations and associations throughout the state, including the Michigan Center for Rural Health and the Michigan Primary Care Association, continue to support the healthcare needs and services in Michigan’s rural communities; and,

WHEREAS, on this day, we join with the Michigan Center for Rural Health to celebrate the third annual National Rural Health Day; we raise awareness of the importance of rural health care and recognize the efforts and achievements toward advocacy in rural communities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 20, 2014 as Rural Health Day in Michigan.