July 24, 2015: Metro Detroit Youth Day

WHEREAS, More than 340 community and youth organizations, who recognize that leisure and recreation are basic human needs, and that youth must use this time wisely to improve their education, the quality of their life and life’s disciplines, and be inspired to do the most good; and,

WHEREAS, Metro Detroit Youth Day is the largest youth event in Michigan and the Midwest, it emphasizes the need for physical education and fitness, the need for good sportsmanship, community service and guidance from mentorships, role models, and college scholarships; and,

WHEREAS, It is acknowledged that our youth are a valuable asset to our communities and the foundation of our future; and,

WHEREAS, Metro Detroit Youth Day brings together the total community and the private sector to enhance relationships, and improve community cooperation and harmony; and,

WHEREAS,  Metro Detroit Youth Day provides an opportunity for youth to participate in constructive activities outside their immediate home areas, working with thousands of other youngsters and more than 1,600 volunteers;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim July 15, 2015 as Metro Detroit Youth Day in Michigan.