Key Speech Moments SOTS

State Of the State governor Rick Snyder giving Speech

To you, the people of Flint, I want to say tonight—as I have before—that I am sorry and I will fix it.- Governor Rick Snyder  

I will release my emails regarding Flint so that you have answers. You can find the emails tomorrow at  - Governor Rick Snyder  

We will provide resources to help anyone and everyone that is affected. Learn more at  - Governor Rick Snyder  

You can also look at opportunities to help Flint at a new website called #MISOTS16  - Governor Rick Snyder   

The Commission for Building 21st Century Infrastructure will make recommendations to solve our state's infrastructure challenge  - Governor Rick Snyder  

Though our recent work in Detroit should give us a measure of pride, the state of Detroit's schools is in crisis. Detroit schools are in need of transformational change. - Governor Rick Snyder

The Commission for the 21st Century Education will deliver recommendations for building Michigan's education future. -Governor Rick Snyder

 For Michigan to lead the world in 10 years the way we do today, we need to focus on innovation like never before -Governor Rick Snyder

The Soo Locks remains critically important to Michigan's present and future. A second 1000 ft. lock is a critical need. -Governor Rick Snyder

The Commission on Building the 21st Century Economy will deliver a report on how to strengthen Michigan's economy for the future. -Governor Rick Snyder

I am personally committed to working tirelessly to ensure that the families of Flint can heal from this wound.  -Governor Rick Snyder

I sought the office of Governor to reinvent Michigan. I want to reinforce that commitment tonight. -Governor Rick Snyder

Watch Governor Snyder's closing statement below:


Watch the Governor's remarks from the beginning of his speech regarding the Flint water crisis