February 24, 2017: Modern Manufacturing Day

WHEREAS, manufacturing is at the heart of the Michigan economy and the lifeblood of communities across our state. Modern manufacturing provides rewarding careers for hundreds of thousands of Michiganders and is a source of pride for all Americans; and,

WHEREAS, from line workers to engineers, scientists to technicians, software designers to artisans, metal fabricators to energy developers, auto makers to marketing officers, the manufacturing sector in Michigan is as diverse as our state is wide; and,

WHEREAS, while the industry is strong and thriving, it is changing, as manufacturing becomes increasingly high-tech. This presents opportunities and challenges. Estimates from the National Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturing Institute indicate that over the next ten years, as many as two million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled because there will be a shortage of workers with requisite skills. Meanwhile, many people are wondering what a changing industry means for their job prospects; and,

WHEREAS, it is incumbent that we all rise to this challenge. Modern manufacturing, bolstered by technological progress, is creating pathways for enhancing individual talent and increasing wages in Michigan and across the country. The jobs in modern manufacturing bring with them attributes that parents and future generations prize: creativity, teamwork, visible contributions and varied, long-term and rewarding career paths; and,

WHEREAS, for Michigan to remain an innovation leader and economic powerhouse, and for our children to inherit endless opportunities for success, we must have a culture that celebrates these jobs and encourages our children to pursue careers in modern manufacturing. Creators are wanted in Michigan, and all our citizens should know the promise this call embraces;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim February 24, 2017 as Modern Manufacturing Day in Michigan.