March 2017: Women's History Month

WHEREAS, it is during this month that we honor all of the many and various contributions women of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds have made in every aspect of Michigan and U.S. history; and,

WHEREAS, we celebrate the successes of business women, applaud the women who have made marks in areas from agriculture to politics and truly admire the women who have fearlessly broken barriers, paving the way for future female leaders in years to follow; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame honors women who have left their mark on this great state, serving as role models for women of the 21st century and inspiring those from all walks of life to achieve great things as they have; and,

WHEREAS, as we celebrate the women who have made and are making a difference in Michigan, let us also aspire to have the same vision and tenacity for greatness;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim March 2017 as Women's History Month in Michigan.