March 2017: Pure Michigan Maple Syrup Month

WHEREAS, each spring, as the snow begins to melt and the air becomes warmer, residents throughout the state look forward to enjoying the locally produced maple syrup products from the current year's bountiful harvest; and, 

WHEREAS, Michigan's fresh water supply, unique geographic location, rich and varied soil types and dedicated producers make our state a leader in both the production of an abundant array of crops and agricultural tourism opportunities; and,

WHEREAS, the maple season starts in February in the southern counties and runs into April in the Upper Peninsula; and,

WHEREAS, it is important to recognize food and agriculture as a large industry in Michigan. With each local food purchase, our communities and family farmers are strengthened by more dollars going directly to local growers and the area's economy, and the state's rich farmland is preserved; and,

WHEREAS, during Pure Michigan Maple Syrup Month, we encourage citizens to acknowledge and recognize the vast, integrated network of family farmers, processors, wholesalers and retailers who work to ensure a safe and nutritious maple syrup supply that is enjoyed by many residents and visitors throughout our state;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim March 2017 as Pure Michigan Maple Syrup Month.