April 25, 2017: Parental Alienation Awareness Day

WHEREAS, successful parenting relies on the hope that children are loved equally by both parents, and in return, love both parents equally; and,

WHEREAS, parental alienation can sometimes be found in high conflict divorce and custody situations or in homes where parental violence, coercion or abuse exist; and,

WHEREAS, a child may have a reluctance to be with a parent because the other parent has exhibited behaviors such as speaking negatively about that parent to or in front of the child, interfered with the child’s communication and visitation with that parent, and discussed inappropriate information with the child; and,

WHEREAS, a parent’s violence, coercion or abuse directed towards the other parent or towards a child can cause the child to be reluctant to be with the parent who exhibits those behaviors. It can also cause the other parent to resist allowing contact between the child and the offending parent; and,

WHEREAS, when parental alienation, violence, coercion, or abuse occur they can prevent a child from wanting to have a relationship with a parent or prevent a child from having meaningful contact with a parent; and,

WHEREAS, awareness and education of parental alienation, violence, coercion or abuse brings understanding and can help foster loving and safe relationships between children and their families;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April 25, 2017 as Parental Alienation Awareness Day in Michigan.