May 4, 2017: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

WHEREAS, addressing the mental health and substance use treatment needs of children and youth today is fundamental to the future of Michigan; and,

WHEREAS, the need for comprehensive, coordinated mental health and substance use services for children, youth and families places a critical responsibility upon communities; and,

WHEREAS, improving children’s mental health, well-being and resilience relies on acknowledging and engaging all caring adults in a child’s life, including birth, foster, adoptive parents and their families; and,

WHEREAS, trauma can affect a child’s ability to regulate emotions, trust others and interact with the world; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan strives to ensure that services for children and their families are coordinated, comprehensive, trauma-informed, family-driven, youth-guided and address the unique culture of children and their families; and,

WHEREAS, it is appropriate that a day is set apart each year to renew our commitment to building a system of services and supports that address children’s mental health and well-being; and,

WHEREAS, the Association for Children’s Mental Health and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services are holding a special observance to support children and youth with mental health or substance use treatment needs and their families;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, do hereby proclaim May 2017 as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in Michigan.