June 25, 2017: Vitiligo Awareness Day

WHEREAS, vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder of unknown cause, and is characterized by white patches on the skin, loss of pigment cells and appears as a burn on darker pigment; and,

WHEREAS, vitiligo affects approximately 3 million Americans and about 2 percent of the world population. It may be hereditary and is the most common disorder of skin coloration; and,

WHEREAS, persons with vitiligo may also be affected by sun sensitivity, thyroid disease, pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease and lupus; and,

WHEREAS, the state of Michigan joins Vitiligo Bond, Inc. and other interested agencies and organizations in promoting awareness about vitiligo in an effort to develop better therapies and care for those afflicted as well as preventative measures;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 25, 2017 as Vitiligo Awareness Day in Michigan.