September 2017: Michigan Aviation Month

WHEREAS, Michigan is home to 234 public use airports, 470 privately owned airports, 144 licensed aircraft dealers, 8 accredited college/university with aviation programs, 66 licensed flight schools, 5 aircraft manufacturers, 230 aerospace manufacturing companies, 6,500 registered aircraft, and 17,044 active licensed pilots, 16,595 certified non-pilot airmen; and,

WHEREAS, civil aviation related activities contribute an estimated $20 billion annually to Michigan’s economy, affecting over 3.5 million jobs, and accounting for 2.8% of the State's GDP for a significant positive economic and quality of life impact on communities throughout the state; and,

WHEREAS, the Annual Thunder Over Michigan Air Show will be hosted by the Wayne County Airport Authority at Willow Run Airport, in Ypsilanti, home of the Yankee Air Museum and the historic WWII B24 Bomber plant; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Association of Airport Executives will host its 65th annual fall conference in Escanaba on September 11-15, celebrating Michigan’s rich aviation history and promoting the growth and development of Michigan airport to enhance the benefits of aviation to the states communities; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Aviation Business Association will host its annual expo on September 22 at Oakland County International Airport, in Waterford, bringing together representatives from top aircraft manufacturers, charter flight, fractional ownership, and air freight companies to promote effective and safe air transportation system in the state of Michigan; and,

WHEREAS, Northwestern Michigan College will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its Aviation Program September 28-28 in Traverse City, bringing together alumni, friends, and industry partners; and,

WHEREAS, the Michigan Aeronautics Commission has provided leadership and sound counsel regarding the growth and advancement of aeronautical activity in the state of Michigan since 1929;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 2017 as Michigan Aviation Month.