October 5, 2017: Energy Efficiency Day

WHEREAS, energy waste reduction is the art of getting the same or better performance using less energy – all while cutting utility bills for residential, business and industrial customers; and,

WHEREAS, reliable, affordable energy is vital to our economic prosperity and energy waste reduction is the most productive and cost-effective way to meet our energy needs; and,

WHEREAS, cutting energy waste saves consumers in Michigan and the U.S. billions of dollars on their utility bills annually, up to $500 per household from appliance efficiency standards alone; and,

WHEREAS, smarter energy use reduces the amount of electricity we need to power our lives, which helps avoid power plant emissions that can harm our health, pollute our air, and warm our climate; and,

WHEREAS, a nationwide network of energy waste reduction groups and partners has designated October 5th as the nation’s second annual Energy Efficiency Day; and,

WHEREAS, together the residents of Michigan can continue to contribute to our sustainability efforts by learning more about energy waste reduction and practicing smarter energy use in their daily lives;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 5, 2017 as Energy Efficiency Day in Michigan.