November 2017: Curing Stomach Cancer Month

WHEREAS, stomach cancer is among the cancers with the lowest five-year survival rates; and,

WHEREAS, out of 28,000 new cases diagnosed a year in the United States, 11,000 will die in the first year of diagnosis; and,

WHEREAS, eighty percent of stomach cancer is diagnosed at stage IV which only has a four percent five year survival rate; and,

WHEREAS, in the United States it is estimated that more than 95,000 people are currently living with stomach cancer; and,

WHEREAS, stomach cancer has increased in young adults ages 25 to 39 by 70 percent since 1977; and,

WHEREAS, the overall survival rate for stomach cancer is 30 percent and stomach cancer mortality rates have remained relatively unchanged over the past 30 years; and,

WHEREAS, stomach cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of cancer related death;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim November 2017 as Curing Stomach Cancer Month in Michigan.