November 1, 2017: Fourth Annual Michigan Auto Heritage Day

WHEREAS, Michigan’s automotive heritage is preserved and promoted by the MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership, an affiliate of the National Park Service; and,

WHEREAS, National Heritage Areas are places where stories of importance to American history rise to a level of national importance; and, 

WHEREAS, The MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership is Michigan’s only national heritage area, located throughout a region of more than 10,000 miles covering a population of more than 6 million people; and,

WHEREAS, The MotorCities National Heritage Area is the largest concentration of auto-related sites, attractions and events in the world bringing millions of visitors and dollars into the state’s economy each year; and,

WHEREAS, a study completed in 2015, showed that the MotorCities National Heritage Area generates $410.4 million in economic impact and supports $35.4 million in tax revenue; and,

WHEREAS, the economic strength of our state is connected integrally to the vitality of the automobile industry, which employs millions of workers; and,

WHEREAS, on this date I encourage residents to join with me in commemorating an industry deeply woven into Michigan’s past, present and future;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Brian Calley, acting governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim November 1, 2017 as Michigan Auto Heritage Day.