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Find your in-district Community College

All of Michigan's public community colleges accept the Futures for Frontliners scholarship, but the cost of attending community college will depend on whether you are an in-district or out-of-district student.

  • For in-district students. If you live within a community college district and attend your local college, tuition is free. That means you won't pay any tuition or mandatory fees out of pocket. About 80% of Michigan students live in a community college district. 
  • For out-of-district students. If you don't live in a community college district or choose to attend a college in Michigan that considers you to be out-of-district, you will need to pay the difference between their 'in-district' and 'out-of-district' tuition rates.

To see if you live in within a community college district, check out this map or click on the links below to find the college's dedicated Futures for Frontliners email address and phone number in the list below.