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Employer Filed Claims

The Benefits to Employers for Joining Employer Filed Claims


COST CONTROL - When filing via Employer Filed Claims (EFC), you will have a file of approved laid off employees to match against incoming unemployment charges.

FRAUD REDUCTION - When claim information is being provided directly from the employer, it provides us with accurate wage and separation information for establishing a claim.

REDUCED PAPER WORK - Employer Filed Claims reduces bureaucratic paperwork sent by us and returned from you.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - You will have a direct contact within the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA), and your employees will get personalized service, fliers and upon request informational seminars.

FREE BENEFIT TO EMPLOYEES - When you file unemployment for your employees, they will know that their claim information will enable the agency to quickly and correctly process their application for benefits.


CONVENIENCE - Workers idled by a mass layoff will not have to apply for unemployment benefits.

EFFICIENT - By filing claims electronically, the Agency can begin processing employer-filed claims immediately, simplifying the delivery of benefits to eligible workers.

REQUIREMENTS Company must have at least 1000 layoffs a year for the past three years.

The UIA Administrative Rule 421.210, which was amended in April 2002, states, " that in the case of an employer whose workers have filed either 1,000 or more new claims or additional claims, or both, in each of the previous 3 calendar years, the employer shall file claims on behalf of the workers, in a manner prescribed by the agency."

Under EFC, employers submit claims on behalf of all laid off workers. The employee information will be relayed via a popular Internet technology known as FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

The program is a major convenience for employers. They are aware of the number of claims that are being processed, can estimate total benefit charges to their account, help to control unemployment cost and reduce the potential for fraud.

EFC gets temporary income to customers more efficiently and conveniently. This reduces the burden on staff to data enter large numbers of claims during peak claim loads such as temporary plant shutdowns, holidays and work slow downs. The claimant information listed below is automatically generated.

Monetary determination - Tells the claimant their Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) and the amount of weeks they are eligible. 1905 instructional booklet - Informs the claimants of their benefit rights, responsibilities, and provides forms and instructions on how to certify through MARVIN. Additional-claim information.

We are actively enlisting employers who meet the above criteria of EFC. There are plans to expand the program to all Michigan employers who wish to reap the benefits of EFC. If you are an employer who meets these criteria, please click here to contact the EFC Unit.

Revised: 12/2013