American Osteopathic Association

Workforce Issues Studied:
The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) has undertaken several analyses of the osteopathic physician workforce.  These analyses have included projections regarding the total number of osteopathic physicians, their location, and their specialties.  Within the last several years, the AOA has written two reports and a compendium report on osteopathic physician workforce projections.

Research and Publications:
The AOA's Department of Applied Research is currently developing analyses of the osteopathic physician workforce, including projections regarding the number of osteopathic physicians, their specialties, their migration patterns, and where they currently practice.   The AOA is also examining how the location of the physician's college of osteopathic medicine and residency affects where he/she lives, or at least begins practice. 

The AOA has not published their workforce analyses internally.  However, data prepared for external audiences can be disseminated.  The AOA plans to continue its workforce analyses and is collaborating with other organizations in this effort including MDCH's Bureau of Health Professions and the AAMC Center for Workforce Studies.  The American Osteopathic Association has commented and advocated extensively on many workforce issues including medical education, graduate medical education, certification, licensure, scope of practice of non-physician clinical personnel, patient safety, access to care, and liability reform.  Copies of recent testimony, press releases, and comment letters can be obtained from the AOA.  Copies of comment letters submitted to federal agencies may also be obtained from the public files of those agencies.

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