Altarum Institute

Workforce Issues Studied:
Altarum Institute has studied physician and nurse workforce projections for the U.S. and for states/regions including California and Michigan. Altarum Institute (as Vector Research) developed the Physician Demand Model and Physician Supply Model for HRSA and has been refining these models for over 20 years. The Institute has also worked with the Military Health System on forecasting manpower needs for all health care workers based on workload indicators for 20 years. Altarum Institute has participated in a needs/demand analysis and modeling for health professions compared to supply projections. 

Research and Publications:
Altarum Institute is currently preparing a forecast of demand and supply of physicians in Michigan (by region) that should be completed by March 2006. Any published reports or white papers concerning healthcare workforce issues are available for the State of Michigan to disseminate.

Altarum Institute
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