American Veterinary Medical Association

Workforce Issues Studied:
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) addresses workforce issues such as student debt load, gender and generational issues, and work/life issues.  In addition, the AVMA has a strategy to reinforce and enhance employment of veterinarians in public policy and decision-making positions and also supports activities to bring salary schedules and other forms of compensation of federally employed veterinarians in line with those of federally employed physicians.  In terms of compensation, they also support board certification pay for federally employed veterinarians certified by a recognized specialty board.

Research and Publications:
The American Veterinary Medical Association conducts a biennial economic survey of veterinarians and veterinary practices.   Currently, the Association is conducting a member attitudinal survey.  Approximately every four years, a consumer market study is completed.  In 1999, they collaborated with KPMG on "The Current and Future Market for Veterinarians and Veterinary Services" survey and last year, they completed the "AMVA/Pfizer Business Practices Study."  In most cases, the executive summaries of these studies are published in the Association's Journal.

The AVMA has also issued policy statements on workplace hazards and on pregnant employees along with a model policy on harassment.

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