Association of Social Work Boards

Workforce Issues Studied:
The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) has a model social work practice act to serve as a resource for further development of the licensing laws in member jurisdictions.   It also provides training for new board members regarding their board service.  For social workers, it provides a registry for credentials, and it has a registration center for examination candidates. 

Research and Publications:
The Association of Social Work Boards does only research that will be helpful in legislative issues, such as the type of licensure exemptions that each jurisdiction allows and the types of licenses required.   Every seven or eight years, the ASWB does a massive practice analysis, circulating a survey to thousands of social workers to determine what they are required to do in their jobs and how often they must perform these tasks.  The results are used as the basis for the licensing exams. 

The ASWB website contains tables of information regarding licensing requirements in other jurisdictions for those licensees who wish to transfer their license.  A candidate handbook for candidates for licensure and a number of other publications to assist regulatory boards can also be found on their website.

Association of Social Work Boards
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