At Home

At home, reaching the goal of getting kids to move more can lead to fun for everyone in the family. All you have to do is make a point of moving more each and every day.
Fun Ideas
  • Join In. Join your child in playing catch, kicking a ball, jumping rope or playing hopscotch. Promote healthy outdoor activities like tag, hide and seek, walking the dog, nature walks, ice skating or making snowmen.
  • Something New. Try a new activity together. How about line dancing, in-line skating, golfing or doing a "fun walk/run" as a family?
  • Park It. Instead of driving, walk to the store, playground or school.
  • Family Time. Visit a local park or trail. Take a family walk, hike, or bike ride. (Don't forget to wear your bike helmets.)
  • School. Encourage before/after-school neighborhood activities like walking, basketball, softball, kickball, football and soccer. Walk or bicycle to school.
  • Household Tasks. Chores count as activity, too! Mow the lawn, shovel the walk, vacuum the carpet, or rake the leaves to get the heart pumping.