Sit Less

Again, the goal here is super-simple - just help your kids (and yourself) sit less each day!
Here are three easy ways to make it happen:
Limit Sitting Activities
Set a daily limit of two hours maximum on the amount of time you and your kids spend:
  • Watching TV, movies or videos
  • Using the computer and Internet
  • Playing computer and video games
Encourage Movement
Encourage activities that require movement as often as possible. Some ideas: 
  • When the kids tell you "I'm bored…" give them some of our easy at home and indoor weather activity ideas. You can even join in!
  • Purchase birthday or holiday gifts that promote physical activity.
Family Time
If your child has a TV in the bedroom, take it out. 
  • Encourage activities that involve the entire family.
  • Use a trip to the park or favorite activity as a reward, instead of a movie.
  • Keep in mind items that will encourage kids to be active as gifts (balls, bats, active wear, gloves/hats) or gift cards to stores with sporting goods.
  • Keep TVs, computers and items that encourage sitting in common areas so you can monitor the non-movement time.