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    People in the State of Michigan are forming partnerships to create healthier schools, worksites and communities as part of the Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Initiative.  Departments of state, health systems, education, business, trade, and community organizations are making broad, positive changes to policies, practices and environments. These changes provide the necessary support to sustain regular, daily physical activity and healthy eating for all ages.  As reflected in the success stories below, together we are helping to make the healthy choice, the easy choice to help citizens achieve and maintain a healthy weight and reduce chronic disease.

Your Success Stories

  • DHD10 Success Story Worksite Wellness and Local Public Health - It Works!

    What do eighty two worksites in District Health Department # 10’s counties all have in common?

    Click the title to read the story.

  • Lansing City Hall photo for CAHA Success Story Capital Area Health Alliance Makes Walking an Easier Choice

    How can communities make walking easier for residents?   The Capital Area Health Alliance installed Destination Walking Signs...

    Click the title to read more of this story.

  • Fruit in Baskets Pontiac Picks Up on Produce

    Good health is linked with regular physical activity and eating fruits and vegetables.  But what happens when your community does not have a grocery store, or when you don’t have enough money to buy healthy food?

  • GFHC Crowd Photo Greater Flint Health Coalition: Making the Healthy Choice, the Easy Choice. In 2010, Genesee County ranked last with the poorest health behavior scores in Michigan. In response, the Greater Flint Health Coalition (GFHC) announced its Action Plan to improve health behaviors and outcomes in Genesee County and the City of Flint over the next ten years. Click the title to read their success story.
  • BCBS success story photo BCBSM Building Healthy Communities - Building Healthy Communities Reaches More Than 100,000 Michigan Students Building Healthy Communities is a unique initiative that encourages children to adopt healthy habits through school-based programming. In order to fight obesity and improve childhood the title to continue the story
  • Mi Healthier Tomorrow logo Carie McKown First, reduce your portions. Once you see a pound or two...

    Click on her name to read the rest of Carie's story.
  • Elliott Lerner Elliot Lerner There is no shortcut and its really simple. As far as I'm concerned its all about eating smarter. Click on his name to read more of Elliot's story.
  • Sue Buitenhuis Sue Buitenhuis Sue wanted to go on vacation for her 50th birthday and was not looking forward to putting on a swimsuit. In addition, Sue had recently been placed on medication for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She was tired of being overweight, was always tired and. Click her name to read more of Sue's story.
  • Brenda Christensen Before and After Brenda Christensen Brenda was ready for a change and was inspired to live a healthier lifestyle when she heard the radio ads and saw the billboards for the MI Healthier Tomorrow campaign. Click her name to read more of Brenda's story.
  • Ann Arbor YMCA Video - Opening the Door - Ann Arbor YMCA What would happen if community organizations and schools worked together to create safe, low cost access to afterschool places for kids to be active? Could it help children academically, socially or emotionally and at the same time, reduce childhood obesity? Is it a model that could work in other communities to champion change? Click the title to watch the video.
  • Men in fitness class A Fork in the Road - Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan's 4 x 4 Coalition Steve was really struggling with his weight. Stressed out about his job and coping by drinking alcohol and overeating, he didn’t think about his health much outside of the doctor’s office. But in the back of his mind, Steve knew something was very wrong. And then one day, a friend told him something that would change his life. Click the title to read more of the story. 
  • Kris Nicholoff Treating People, Not Symptoms As CEO and Executive Director, it's both rewarding and challenging for Kris Nicholoff to manage the Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA), an organization that supports over 8,000 physicians and medical student members across Michigan, and whose mission is "Physicians treating people, not symptoms". Kris took on this new role five years ago. We all know it takes time to adjust to a new job, now pile on series of unexpected life challenges. Click the title to read more of the story. 
  • cold drink machine for soft drink industry success story Soft Drink Industry Steps Up to Help Consumers Support a Healthy Weight

    The soft drink industry has been active in addressing strategies that align with the Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Initiative by helping consumers choose a beverage that's right for them with more choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clear calorie labels. Click the title to read more of the story.

  • James K. Haveman James K. Haveman As Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, I was giving many speeches that included information about Governor Snyder's 4 x 4 I can say and give speeches about practicing what I preach. I know it's not easy but with small lifestyle changes, it is possible. Click on his name to read more of Mr. Haveman's story.
  • success story walking school bus Where There's a Will There's a Way Do you remember the days when you walked to school? Have you have heard stories from your elders who walked miles, knee deep through the snow to get to school? Well, for some Michigan children, they may not live in a community where walking to school is a viable option. They may not. Click on the title to read more of the story.
  • Chip Arledge Chip Arledge I began to suffer from maladies typical for a man who weighed around 400 pounds and push came to shove. I simply convinced myself, without any outside influence whatsoever, I had to "shut this down" or I wouldn't be around much longer. Click on his name to read more of Mr. Arledge's story.
  • Becky Turner Rebecca Turner Rebecca was approaching her 60th birthday and realized her extra weight was causing physical problems. She wanted to be healthier as she got older, and said one of her cell phone apps was a real eye opener. Click her name to read more of Rebecca's story. 
  • Adrienne Asselmeier Adrienne Asselmeier I always had a lot of excuses for why I was slowly gaining weight over the years, including the fact that I had quit smoking several times and gained weight every time. I figured that my body was just changing as I got older and that I couldn't ever be in the same shape I was when I was younger. Click her name to read more of Adrienne's story.
  • campground Healthy Ingredients for a Great American Campout A "Great American Campout," a nationwide program hosted by the National Wildlife Federation, was held at Detroit's Milliken State Park as part of the Detroit River Days. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) hosted hands-on experiences in archery, fishing, camping and wildlife education to help urban residents better understand their natural resources. Click the title to read more of the story.