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Worksites are the best places to reach the majority of Michigan's adult citizens to encourage them to eat better, move more, and avoid using tobacco products. To remain competitive, Michigan employers may find it necessary to create worksite environments that are supportive of these goals. However, this can be difficult, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, there are various low- or no-cost effective strategies available to Michigan worksites that can assist them in promoting good health and support their employees' healthy lifestyle behaviors.

The CDC’s Workplace Health Model encourages worksites to follow these steps to better health:

STEP 1: Assess the health of your worksite and employees. Assessments can help identify what changes you can make to your physical worksite environment. Assessments can also identify the health concerns and overall health of your workforce. Read more about how to conduct a workplace health assessment and what types of data to collect during this step.

Michigan Tools:
Designing Healthy Environments at Work Assessment
Employee Interest Survey
Employee Feedback Survey

STEP 2: Plan a worksite health promotion program. Your plan will include goal determination; selecting priority interventions; and building organizational infrastructure, such as establishing a wellness committee and engaging senior leadership. The CDC Workplace Health Promotion Program has a list of leading health topics, which include links to potential interventions along with suggested evaluation measures. Need help with your worksite program? See a list of Michigan worksite wellness providers to find one that offers the services your worksite needs!

STEP 3: Implement your program. Take the steps needed to put selected health promotion programs, policies, practices, and environmental supports into place and make them available to employees.

STEP 4: Evaluate your program. Evaluate the quality, effectiveness and importance of your health promotion activities and actions.