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Vetal assembly 3

Generation With Promise (GWP) Student Action Teams (SATs) have completed a whirlwind of activities during the month of March that included more than 20 assemblies held at 17 participating schools. The SATs came up with many creative routines to show their classmates the effects of smoking, exercising and eating on the body.

healthy lifestyle initiative developed by the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Office of the Surgeon General. Steps Up Michigan." The motto is part of the "Move More, Eat Better, Don't SmokeAll of the SATs performed original skits, raps, speeches, poems and dances to drive home the message   

Hutchins assembly 1 Hamilton assembly 1 Phoenix assembly 2

grade students from Spain Middle School entertained at each assembly with a dance to the GWP theme song called ‘Do it Right' by Detroit rapper Tone Tone. Teachers and SAT members got involved at the end of the dance to learn the moves and DJ Dorian Price provided more popular dance music to get the kids up and moving. The end of each assembly turned into a huge dance off with students showing off their moves doing the "jerk."thRadio personality Dr. Darris of WJLB FM 98 appeared at each assembly and got in on the action with the kids and quizzed the audiences on exercising and eating healthy. A group of 8

Taft assembly 2 Taft assembly 1 Vetal assembly 1 Hutchins assembly 3

Kosciuszko Middle School in Hamtramck combined its February 26 assembly with a Black History Month presentation. Their skit on tobacco prevention explained the hazards of smoking with a different type of peer pressure. They provided information on the many chemicals contained in cigarettes and its affect on the body. Kosciuszko also did a demonstration of ‘go, slow and whoa' foods to help kids remember the types of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks and meals.Kosciuskzo assembly 1

Clark Elementary/Middle School held its assembly on March 17 complete with balloon decorations in the auditorium. They opened their assembly as they ran up to the stage with pom pons to their own song written to the GWP motto. Each skit was accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation with tips and advice on how to "Move More, Eat Better and Don't Smoke." SAT members showed different characters whose lives had been changed by living healthier.

Clark assembly 3

Clark assembly 2

Nichols, Burns and Trix held their assemblies on March 4, 5 and 11 respectively. They all carried out lively demonstrations of physical activity that included jump roping, push ups, jumping jacks and even backward flips. The audiences were thrilled by their performances and Burns' SAT made their presentation interactive with students getting involved in the stretching and jumping.

Burns assembly 1 Trix assembly 1 Burns assembly 2

place winners were Hamilton Elementary/Middle School and J.F. Nichols Elementary/Middle School in Detroit. The results for each school are listed below. Certificates are being rewarded to each school for their part in collecting a grand total of 2,666 pledges! That amounts to nearly 65% of middle school students in GWP participating schools promising to "Move More, Eat Better and Don't Smoke."nd and 2st and the 1 highest percentage of pledges  grade student bodies at all 17 schools signed a pledge stating they would do more to get healthy by moving more, eating better or not smoking. A contest was held for the school with the th and 8th, 7thAs a part of each assembly, the 6

Vetal assembly 2 Hutchins assembly 2 Hamilton assembly 3

 For more information on Youth Summit 2010, click here  The assemblies culminated in the third annual Youth Summit held at the Matthaei Athletic Building on Wayne State University's campus on Thursday, March 25. All 17 GWP schools attended and had a great time showing off their original routines with their fellow SAT members.

  GWP ParticipatingSchool

No. of pledges collected  

Barber School for the Gifted and Talented


                                  Robert Burns Elementary/Middle School


                                              Clark Elementary Middle School


                          Fair Plain Renaissance Middle School


                      Greenfield Union Elementary and Middle School


Hamilton Elementary/Middle School                                  


                                                                  Hull Middle School


                       Hutchins/McMichael Elementary/Middle School


                                                      Kosciuszko Middle School


                                           Mark Twain School and Academy


                                                Murphy Middle School


J.F. Nichols Elementary/Middle School                             


Pontiac Middle School

undetermined at this time

                                        Phoenix Multicultural Middle School


                                                                  Taft Middle School


                                    Trix Elementary/Middle School


                         Peter Vetal Elementary/Middle School