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Eat Better

Photo of a person hold a dinner plate with healthy foods on it

Eat Better

Photo of a girl eating an apple

Eat Better

Making food choices for a healthy lifestyle begins with small steps toward larger and long lasting changes. USDA's new MyPlate food guidance system is comprised of the new MyPlate symbol and other materials to help you make healthy food choices and to be active every day.

Here you'll find great tips that you can put on your refrigerator to remind you to make healthy lifestyle choices, menu planning tools, and lots more.

Eating Better Resources

Photo of hands holding a bowl of vegetables


Great ideas for healthy meals and getting kids to eat better.
Photo of a senior woman washing vegetables


Important links that seniors and their families can use to learn about better eating and to get help.
Photo of an open cookbook


A website to help you choose healthy ingredients for planning and preparing meals and school lunches.