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Healthy Home

Photo of a father and daughter washing dishes at the sink.

Healthy Home

Creating a pleasant mealtime environment is critical to getting children to eat healthful foods. Structure and routine are important to kids, so the best mealtime environment includes setting rules and having consistent meal times.


Easy Tips

  • Limit Empty Calories. Limit snacking and sweetened drinks before dinner so kids come to dinner hungry. When hungry, kids will try new foods more often.
  • Offer New Foods. Encourage your child to try new foods. Serve a small portion and don't force your child to finish it.
  • Don't Take Requests. Don't be a short order cook. Offer the same meal to everyone in the family. If you are serving a new main dish, make sure the side dishes are something you know will be liked by all.
  • Set Meal Times. Establish a weekly dinner schedule so the kids know when dinner will be available.
  • Have Kids Assist. Have the kids help with dinner preparation. They are more likely to try something new if they have helped prepare it.