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Getting Started

Photo of a bike learned against a rock wall on the side of a trail.

Getting Started

If you haven't been active recently, here are some tips to getting started: 

  • Enjoy. Choose activities that you enjoy most. Walking is the most popular activity and helps many people get started. Try a variety of activities - bicycling, dancing, playing tennis or yard work (raking, trimming shrubs, mowing, shoveling snow).
  • Time. Start adding 10-15 minutes of time into your schedule. This will help get you started and increase your current activity level. Aim to get in at least 150 minutes of activity in a week.
  • Cost. Walk from home, work, place of worship or to a local park. Being active does not have to be an expense. You do not have to join a health club or buy equipment.
  • Support. Be active with friends, family, co-workers on a regular basis. This support network can help you meet your weekly goals and enjoy the activity.

Take a look at our easy activity ideas that can help you get started.