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Physically Active Kids

Photo of a child running through the sprinkler.

Physically Active Kids

Today, more than ever, helping kids be physically active is an important part of being a parent, teacher and good role model. You've probably noticed that children today are less physically active. 


Why Sedentary?

  • More "sitting" activities (television, computer, handheld games) Less outdoor play
  • Concerns over safety in neighborhoods and schools
  • Fewer kids walking and bicycling to/from school

As a role model you can help your kids see first-hand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle - one that includes plenty of physical activity.


How Much?

Children and adolescents need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. The activity can be moderate, but should make the heart beat faster and the breathing heavier than normal.


Get Active!

There are fun, free things you can do at home to maximize activity. You can also get the most out of your school and neighborhood resources. It is important to have ideas to do indoors also. No matter what works for your kids or those kids around you, make sure that you all sit less and move more!

If you would like to receive all this information about active kids and other information about healthy weight for pre-school children, ideas can be found in this Tips booklet.