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Indoor Weather

Photo of a little girl playing with a jump rope indoors.

Indoor Weather

Michigan weather can assist you in varying your activities. If it is an indoor day for you due to cold, snow, rain or heat, make sure to stay active.


Indoor Options

  • Groove Thing. Dance with your kids to songs with a good beat. Teach them some moves from your childhood.
  • Something Unusual. Build an obstacle course or treasure hunt in the basement or throughout the house.
  • Snow Bunnies. Bundle up and go sledding or cross country skiing. Also, try building a snow fort and a snowman, and then have a friendly snowball fight.
  • Arena Fun. Check out an indoor arena for an open time or a league. Try indoor soccer, hockey, and ice skating or roller blading.
  • School's Cool. Find out if a nearby school has "open gym" and take the family. Also, visit a school or community center's indoor pool.
  • Something New. Learn something new with your child. Go to the library and check out a DVD or video game and try a new activity like dancing, yoga, kickboxing, or karate.