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Nicotine Replacement Info

Nicotine replacement products help relieve some of the withdrawal symptoms people experience when they quit tobacco. To be most effective, nicotine replacement products and nicotine-free products to help tobacco users to quit should be used in conjunction with a behavior change program. 



A variety of nicotine replacement products are currently available in the United States, including the nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, spray and inhaler. Two non-nicotine pills are available as quit tobacco treatment options. Please check with your health care provider about what option is right for you. 



Nicotine replacement medications can assist people to quit tobacco. If you plan to take nicotine medications to help you quit, be sure to discuss your options with your health care provider so you can start using them on your quit date. If you continue to struggle with nicotine cravings while taking nicotine replacement medications, talk to you health care provider. 



Use nicotine replacement products only as prescribed and only according to the directions on the product label. Pregnant women trying to quit smoking should check with their health care provider first before using any type of nicotine replacement product.


Source: American Lung Association, 2002