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Watch Weight

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Watch Weight

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Watch Your Weight

Magazines, movies, TV - they all seem to stress thin bodies. But did you know that the best reason to lose weight is because it helps you be a healthier person overall?
Increased weight can lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and type II diabetes. Reaching your appropriate weight can help reduce these risks.

First, find out if you're truly "overweight" by using the BMI calculator. Then, proceed to safe weight loss tips and tools that will help you safely shed pounds. We've also compiled some easy, small changes that can add up to substantial results.

We'll also show you why those fad diets and gimmicks just don't work in why diets fail. Excess weight can be a problem for kids, too. If this is an issue in your family, be sure to read this special section.

Remember, before beginning any type of weight loss program, consult your physician or health care provider.

Weight Loss Resources

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Safe Weight Loss

Characteristics of safe weight loss programs, low-cal dangers, avoiding pitfalls, red flags to watch for and safe maintenance.
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5 Small Changes

Five small changes that can add up to big health differences.
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How to cope with teasing and acceptance, physical activity tips for kids and eating better ideas for families.