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New Attitude

Losing weight and keeping it off starts with a winning attitude! Having a healthy, positive outlook makes all the difference.

To build your new attitude, keep your health in mind. Focus on the fact that more careful food choices and increased physical activity will improve your health and sense of well-being, whether or not you lose any weight at all. You are taking better care of yourself and you are worth it!


Get Started

Before starting on a weight loss plan, ask yourself:

  • What and how often do I eat?
  • Do I need to eat smaller portions?
  • Do I need to eat more fruits and vegetables?
  • Do I need to drink more water during the day?
  • How often do I exercise?
  • Do I need to make time to include (more) exercise in my day?
  • Once you get the answers to these questions, you can build a realistic and upbeat outlook for achieving your goals.


And remember, if you have a lapse in your weight loss plan, it's OK. Instead of getting down on yourself, congratulate yourself for getting right back to your plan.

No matter what, remember that you can do it!