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Why Diets Fail

Photo of an empty plate with a sad face drawn on it.

Why Diets Fail

Ever try to lose weight with a trendy, so-called "diet" or weight-loss gimmick only to experience frustration and failure? You're not alone. These types of plans often set you up for failure.

 Diets Fail Because

  • Diets deprive us. Many diets involve eliminating certain foods or even whole food groups. This is not only unhealthy but also unrealistic for the long term.
  • Diets are temporary. Once they have reached their goal, most people go back to "normal" eating, so the weight comes back.
  • Diets often don't fit into normal life. Weighing and measuring food may help you lose weight, but aren't practical as long-term strategies for most people.
  • Diets can be expensive. Buying special foods can rack up a big bill quickly.
  • Diets can actually lower your metabolism. When you drastically cut back on calories, your metabolism tends to slow down. You burn fewer calories and the diet becomes less effective.
  • Diet is only half of the equation. Lifetime weight management is not just about what you eat. It requires physical activity as well. Experts recommend 60-90 minutes a day most days of the week.

So, what can you do to lose weight safely and keep it off? A great first step is to talk with your health care provider. He or she can help you create a healthy eating plan or locate a safe, healthy eating program.

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